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3 Things You Need to Do After Closing on a Rental Property

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Let’s talk about a topic that doesn’t get enough press. While there have been tons of books, videos, webinars, boot camps, and more all highlighting and glamorizing the finding, funding, and closing of real estate deals, there is the behind the scenes part of the apartment building team that hardly ever gets mentioned: the ass...

Using a Solo 401k To Invest in Real Estate: How Does It Work?

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A self-directed, or solo 401(k)—also called a self-directed 401(k) or a one-participant 401(k)—is a versatile retirement account that gives real estate investors and business owners a great way to save for retirement. For many of my clients, the opportunity to invest in real estate is the primary reason they switch to a ...

Buy-and-hold real-estate investing: Rachel Richards' strategy, advice

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Rachel Richards, a 27-year-old retiree and the author of "Money Honey" and "Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement," knew real-estate investing was her ticket to financial freedom after reading Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad."
Richards was able to scrounge together $10,000 for a down payment on...

Top Ten 1031 Exchange Misconceptions

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1. LIKE-KIND MEANS I MUST EXCHANGE THE SAME TYPE OF PROPERTY, SUCH AS APARTMENT BUILDING FOR APARTMENT BUILDING.   All real property is like-kind to other real property. For example, you can trade an apartment building for an office building. To read more about like-kind real estate, click here.   2. MY ATTORNEY CAN HANDLE THIS ...

How to Build Your Real Estate Portfolio Faster Using “The Stack”

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All finance gurus share some common advice: “Save 10 percent of your paycheck, put it away in some slow growth stocks or mutual funds, wait 50 years, and you’ll be the richest person… in the cemetery.” I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want the slow route. I wanted financial freedom. Faster. That&...

Valley's August home price increase nearly twice as high as rest of the nation

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At a time when existing home inventory is near an all-time low, Phoenix home prices continue to rise — and homebuilders simply can't keep up with demand. Once again, Phoenix topped the nation in home price growth, with year-over-year price increases of 9.9% in August, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. Nationa...

4 Ways You Can Reduce Your Taxes Like President Trump

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You don't have to make millions to eliminate taxes.As someone who wrote the book on how to legally reduce your taxes, it didn’t surprise me to see that President Donald Trump has allegedly paid little to no income tax over the last decade. The tax law is written to benefit producers like business owners and investors because tho...

30-year mortgage rate hits yet another record low

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Mortgage rates hit a new low last week as applications continued a downward trend, with total applications dropping 0.7%, according to the Mortgage Bankers AssociationMortgage rates hit yet another record low last week as applications continued a downward trend, with total applications dropping 0.7 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis a...

Should You Pay Off Mortgage Points for Your Rental Property?

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One way to lower the rate on your next mortgage is to buy mortgage points. But while buying points might make sense for some investors, for others it may not be the right way to go. The question of whether to buy points for your rental property or not is an important question that every investor should ask. But each investor is different,...

Exploring the Benefits of a Real Estate Qualified Estate Plan

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When it comes to thinking about asset protection for real estate investing, we tend to focus on LLCs, corporations, tax strategies, etc. What can get missed in all of the discussions is estate planning. As a real estate investor, you may be looking to create extra income to put your children through college, yearly fund vacations, and b...

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