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12 Reasons Why Rental Properties Are the Best Investment

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It’s no secret that I love rental properties. Sure, flipping and wholesaling properties might be fun. Notes and tax liens might have fewer tenants. The stock market might be more popular. But rental properties are my true business love. Let me explain why. 1. You can purchase it using leverage. Rental properties are great becau...

‘Crazy, crazy’ real estate market puts Gilbert near top of rankings

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A strong housing market, combined with other lifestyle and economic data, landed five Valley cities in the top 25 on a recent list of the best real estate markets in the country, with Gilbert finishing fifth. (Photo by Travis Wise/Creative Commons) WASHINGTON – Gilbert resident Nadia Saco bought the home of her dreams this August. ...

Rental Assistance Needed for Renters & Housing Providers Alike

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On September 4, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared a “temporary halt to residential evictions to prevent the further spread of COVID-19,” which applies to all residential housing. This moratorium ends on December 31, 2020. This may seem helpful to renters in the short-term. But, this notice does not...

3 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Right Now

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3 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Right NowIn the face of a global crisis, real estate continues to be a vehicle for generating wealth.My good friends Paul and Kelsey are known as The Flippin Experts. They’re my go-to for questions regarding real estate and house flipping. I went to Paul and Kelsey with one question, “How has...

Buying Foreclosures at Auction: 4 Risk-Free Ways to Learn the Ropes

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If you're a new real estate investor, or even if you're just new to foreclosures, it's easy to get overwhelmed with everything that goes into buying property at auction. After all, there's a lot to know and a lot of risk involved. But when you do know what you’re doing, bidding on foreclosures is much less risky, an...

6 habits to adopt now if you want to build wealth

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6 habits to adopt now if you want to build wealthHusband-and-wife team Wendy and Jay Papasan believe periods of crises can be a chance to refocus your financial journey and adopt wealth-building habits. They shared their strategies at Inman Connect NowLike all crises, the pandemic and current period of economic uncertainty can also be an ...

Here's How to Buy Rental Properties Remotely

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Here's How to Buy Rental Properties Remotely BUY REMOTE RENTAL HOUSES FOR BETTER INVESTMENT RETURNSAnyone considering investing in real estate would logically search for local properties first. That is the ideal scenario, but many would-be investors living in expensive cities are being priced out from their local markets. This has led...

Target these 5 cities if you're a real estate investor in the 2020s

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A good property investor is always on the lookout for new opportunities.And as some areas of the US are combatting a real estate market uprooted by the coronavirus pandemic, the projected decrease in home prices over the next year could mean it's the right time for investors to buy.Longtime house hacker and Atlas Real Estate Investmen...

How to Get Items Removed From Your Credit Report

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April 20 Update: Experian has announced as part of its response to COVID-19 that consumers will be able to request a free credit report from all three reporting bureaus once a week, with no negative effect on credit scores, for a one year period. Experian is also launching an error dispute program, also free of charge, where you can dispu...

The Problems of Vacant Properties and How to Avoid Them | Phoenix Property Management

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Vacant rental properties come with a lot of issues and unintended consequences. For one thing, you don’t earn any rent. That’s a drain on your cash flow and your long-term ROI. Other than the obvious lack of rental income, vacant properties can also pose problems for Phoenix landlords. You have to pay out-of-pocket for things ...

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