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Five Factors for Choosing Your Self-Directed IRA Company

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You’re convinced. You know a Self-Directed IRA is a powerful way to build wealth, using its protections to help you get the most out of investments like real estate. But there’s a catch: you can’t move forward unless you have a Self-Directed IRA administration firm in your corner. And you’re not sure which one to p...

Maximizing Profit with Exterior Appliance Depreciation

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Property owners often forget to check whether they can take advantage of deductions not only for direct expenses paid out during the year, but also for things such as depreciation as well. The appliances at your rental house, inside and out, may be depreciated on your tax return. In fact, if your rental has a built-in grill, a patio bar w...

The Series LLC for Real Estate Investors

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For those unfamiliar with a Series LLC, think of it as one company with multiple subsidiaries. Each subsidiary operates as a separate entity with a unique name, bank account and separate books and records, separate liabilities, and possibly even different owners and or managers. However, unlike a traditional parent-subsidiary relationship...

How to Become a Millionaire Through Rental Properties

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I want to share with you a really simple explanation of how a person can go from almost nothing to becoming a millionaire by owning rental properties. Let’s first get some clarification on how this works. We’re talking about buying rental properties, which means you buy a house—or maybe a duplex or an apartment building...

Hands Down, These Are the 5 Hardest Aspects of Being a Landlord

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People love to hate landlords. But the simple fact is that landlords provide a needed service—perhaps the most needed amenity of all. My partner and I have recently explored flipping raw land. One of the greatest temptations? We don't have to hassle with all the anti-landlord regulations and restrictions raging throughout the U...

Mortgage Lending During COVID-19: What Homebuyers Need to Know

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As a lender, I've been asked more times than I can count how mortgage lending has changed in the wake of the coronavirus. In the early days of COVID, with shelter-in-place starting to take effect, businesses shutting down, and rates dropping rapidly, no one really knew what was going to happen next. Once economists could tell that thi...

Homebuyers resort to creative tactics to compete in low-inventory Valley market

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Homebuyers in the Valley are having to come up with creative ideas to get their offers accepted amid one of the tightest real estate markets the region has seen, experts say. The average home in the Phoenix metro in August sold in 34 days, according to the latest report from real estate company RE/MAX LLC. That is four fewer days than in...

Market Spotlights: Phoenix

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Is this housing market turning up the heat, or having the next meltdown?The Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ Metropolitan Statistical Area (Phoenix MSA) has been a high-performing market and a favorite amongst investors since the last recession. It has been red hot in terms of population, job growth, rental and price appreciation over the last...

12 Rental Property Improvements You Can Make for Under $500

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1. Paint You may not be able to paint a whole house for $500, but you can enhance key rooms and create accent walls. Trending colors this year include shades of blue, pastels, and rich, moody hues. 2. Change Out Flooring The same applies to flooring. In cheap rentals, you may be able to use vinyl or focus on small, key areas of floorin...

5 Habits That Help Average People Make Millions

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I moved to the United States several years ago, and I truly believe it is the best country in the world. I always tell everyone that what I did here, I would not be able to do anywhere else. Here are five steps that have helped me achieve the success that I have today, and I’m hoping that they will do the same for you.1. Aim purpos...

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