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Security Deposits - How it Affects You as a Landlord in Mesa, AZ

Owners often have a lot of questions about security deposits, such as where do they go and can you use them during the course of a tenancy to pay for maintenance that is a result from tenant damage. We’re talking about security deposits today from an owner’s perspective.Collecting and Holding the Security DepositAfter we scree...

Landlord Expectations When Working with a Professional Property Management Company in Mesa, AZ

As a landlord, what can you expect from your property management company? Sometimes, a client joins us after living in their home, and they decide to rent it out to a tenant they find on their own without any screening. That’s not a great plan. An analogy I like to give is that we’re driving a car together. As a landlord, you own the ...

What Are Fair Housing Laws in Mesa, AZ? Professional Property Manager Explains

A very hot topic this year is fair housing in Mesa. Clients will call and say they want to rent out their property but they don’t want to rent to tenants with kids or a particular class of people. One of the first things I have to do is stop that person and explain that as a licensed real estate broker, there are a lot of laws that we h...

Russ in Southeast Valley Real Producers Magazine

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Recently I was included in an article in the "Southeast Valley Real Producers" magazine regarding a prestigious award I received, the "40 Under 40" award.  It represents the top 40 real estate agents under 40 years old in the region.  It's on page 21.  Click here to check it out. 

Pets vs. Service Animals – What is the Difference? Mesa Property Management Education

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Service animals and pets are very different, and today we’re explaining why you have the option to accept or deny pets, but not service animals.   [embed][/embed] Property Management Mesa: Pet Policy Potential clients might say they want a strict no pet policy for their rental property, a...

What Does Having a Pool Mean for Your Mesa, AZ Rental Property?

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Many potential clients ask if it’s worth having a pool in a rental property, or if it comes with too much risk and liability. It always goes back to you and what your risk tolerance is. We have a lot of homes with pools and it’s always nice to show a property when it’s 115 degrees out, and prospective tenants see a nice blue pool. ...

Optional vs. Required – What Needs to Be Included in Your Mesa, AZ Rental Property Lease Agreement...

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A lot of times owners will ask what has to be in the lease and whether it’s possible to find a lease agreement online. I’ve seen templates on the internet and at OfficeMax, and many of those places have good lease agreements. But in Arizona, you have to include a few specific things. [embed]

What If a Tenant Trashes My Mesa, AZ Rental Property? | Management Advice from a Professional

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Potential clients always ask about what happens if a tenant trashes the property. First, I like to tell them that it’s a real risk, which is part of becoming a landlord. You’re offering your home to someone, and they can disrespect the property and cause damage. We collect a security deposit to help offset that risk, but if all of the...

Evicting a Tenant – What You Need to Know as a Rental Property Owner in Mesa, AZ

Before evicting a tenant, there are some things you can look for that will help you identify a problem tenant. In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of a proper screening. You want the right tenant from the beginning. However, even when you place a great tenant, lives can change. People lose jobs and change jobs and get divorced...

What to Look for When Screening a Tenant in Mesa, AZ – Property Management Tips

Often, we hear nightmare situations from homeowners with a rental property in Mesa who felt like they could manage it themselves. They are most likely to fall into a terrible situation with a tenant who wasn’t properly screened. Usually, rent isn’t being paid and the homeowner doesn’t know what to do. I always ask what was done to q...

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