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Handling Tenant Maintenance Requests | Phoenix Property Management Expertise

Handling Tenant Maintenance Requests | Phoenix Property Management Expertise

Handling tenant maintenance requests quickly and completely is an important part of your tenant retention plan. To avoid vacancies and turnover costs at your Phoenix rental property, make sure you have a process in place to respond to those maintenance issues. Good maintenance practices not only keep your residents happy and secure, they also protect the condition of your investment. 

Make Sure Your Tenants Understand the Maintenance Process

It’s important that your tenants know how to get in touch with you when there’s a maintenance issue or a repair that needs to be made. If you’re working with a Phoenix property management company, you won’t have to worry about being the point of contact. But, if you’re managing the property on your own, you’ll have to make sure you’re available to your tenants 24 hours a day in case there’s an emergency. This means being available in the middle of the night and on holidays and weekends. You never want to be inaccessible, especially if your property is flooding or on fire.  

For emergencies, your tenants should obviously call you right away. For general repairs, it’s a better idea to have your residents put the request in writing. This will keep the process well-documented and accountable. You can have tenants send an email or text you with the problem. Then, you can respond in writing and follow up with them after the work is complete. Everything will be in writing, and you can refer to those records when future maintenance needs arise or if there’s a dispute about work that was completed.

Be Responsive to All Rental Property Repairs

It’s critical that you respond to emergencies right away. Tenants need running water and air conditioning. They need electricity.  

Responding to routine maintenance requests with the same sense of urgency is good customer service. If a tenant reports that a toilet isn’t flushing but the home has two or three toilets, it might not seem like a request you need to handle right away. But, you should still get to it as soon as possible for these reasons:

  • First, it shows the tenants that you’re responsive and you care about their needs. 

  • Second, it protects the condition of your home. Small problems don’t become easier or cheaper with time. Don’t leave deferred maintenance for later. It’s better for your investment to fix and replace things right away.

Studies have shown us that one of the main reasons tenants leave their rental properties is because they don’t feel like their maintenance needs are responded to in a timely manner. Don’t lose your good residents because you’re too slow to respond to repairs. 

Focus on Preventative Maintenance  

Focus on Preventative MaintenancePreventative maintenance is the best way to keep your Phoenix rental property in excellent condition. It can increase the value of your investment. With a good preventative maintenance plan, you’ll ensure the systems and functions of your investment live longer and work more effectively. Have your HVAC system inspected and serviced annually. Clean out the gutters at least once a year, and have your home inspected for plumbing leaks and electrical issues. 

Make your maintenance process as resident-friendly as possible because it’s also good for your investment. If you have any questions or need any help with Phoenix property management, please contact us at Zen Rent. 

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