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How Our Referral Program Works

3 easy steps to get credit for your referral

1. You send us your client's information.

Please ask your client for permission before sending us their details. That way, there's no surprises.

2. We call your client and assess their investment goals.

We'll review our available management options and make sure they receive a service package that fits their needs.

3. We pay you!

$300 for every successful client referral.


Why Refer Clients to Us?

Continue Your Existing Partnerships

Working with our team doesn't mean you'll need to say goodbye to good clients. Let us handle your customers' property management needs & we'll refer them to you for all future sales transactions.

Keep Your Financial Risks Low

Why take on the additional risk associated with property management, if that's not your area of expertise? Let us do the hard work for you & keep your business protected.

We're Happy to Provide a Contract

Want an overview of the terms of our working agreement? We aim to make every one of our referral partners comfortable & we will happily get everything in writing for you.

We Make You Look Good, Too

We're confident your customer will love working with us, because we're committed to providing great service. We'll keep them satisfied and make them thankful they listened to your advice.

Earn Unlimited Referral Fees

Every time a client signs a contract with us, you'll net a referral fee of $300. Use the calculator to determine how much you could earn annually.

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Some Sample Numbers

Average Monthly Rent
1yr Earnings From Just 2 Referrals/Month
Just 1yr of Protected Sales Commissions