OHSO Brewery Event Sponsor

By Russell Hathcock | August 30, 2018

Thanks to everyone involved with the East Valley Homeowner Magazine photo shoot and networking evening tonight. We’re proud and happy to sponsor opportunities for agents and industry professionals to meet up and help each other succeed.   

Zen Rent 4 Noble Truths & 8-Fold Path

By Russell Hathcock | August 29, 2018

The ‘dude’ came up with a new mission statement: Zen Rent 4 Noble Truths & 8-Fold Path 4 Noble Truths 1. Tenants need a place to live. 2. Landlords offer rental housing. 3. Being a landlord and managing rental property is complicated and hard. 4. Zen Rent PM alleviates suffering for both landlords & tenants…

Congratulations to SEVRAR’s Newly Elected Board Officers and Directors

By Russell Hathcock | August 24, 2018

I didn’t make the cut. Congratulations to all those that made it!! I’m confident that they will represent our interests well.  Thank you to everyone who voted for me and has supported me!  As I understand, it was a really close race.  Maybe next time!?

SEVRAR 2019 Board Election Nominees

By Russell Hathcock | August 17, 2018

Voting is now open! Vote for me if your a member of SEVRAR!! SEVRAR’s 2019 DR Director Nominee: Russell Hathcock “It brings me fulfillment to have a positive impact on the real estate market and its practice as a whole. Being a full-time, real estate practitioner for over 15 years, holding other leadership roles, being…

2018 Inc 5000 list at number 2116

By Russell Hathcock | August 16, 2018

It is such an honor to have my company be included on the Inc 5000 list as number 2116. We’ve had a great couple of years between 2014 & 2017. I attribute this to taking advantage of changing technology, being involved in the community, active within the broader real estate industry, having an active role…

East Valley Property Management is now Zen Rent PM

By Russell Hathcock | August 16, 2018

East Valley Property Management is now Zen Rent PM. We are unrolling the new brand this week and made the Inc 5000 list!!

Announcing Zen Rent Property Management at Golf Tournament and Fundraiser Event

By Russell Hathcock | August 11, 2018

We are proud to officially announce our new company “Zen Rent Property Management” by sponsoring ⛳Today’s golf tournament and fundraiser for the Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club ⚽. We had over 100 golfers participating! (Now for the daunting task of unrolling the new website, forms, etc..). More to come!

Golf Tournament and Fundraiser

By Russell Hathcock | August 10, 2018

Getting ready to sponsor the Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club golf tournament and fundraiser tomorrow morning. We’re bringing the cookies!  

How Often Does a Landlord Have to Replace Carpet, Repaint, or Make Repairs?

By Russell Hathcock | June 28, 2018

By Terri Williams www.realtor.com The question “How often does a landlord have to replace carpet?” might cross your mind if you’re a renter. After all, one of the biggest advantages of renting is having someone else who will take on repairs—and pay for them! But how often can you expect your property’s maintenance crew to handle…

Office Redecorating

By Russell Hathcock | June 27, 2018

We’ve been doing a little office redecorating in anticipation of the company rebrand. A new name has been selected and legal paperwork done. Now we’re finalizing a new website, marketing materials, and other particulars.. including we are planning a big Grand Re-Opening party . Stay tuned!!