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Russell Hathcock

Russell Hathcock, RMP®, CRPM®

Designated Broker

Bailee Montplaisir

Bailee Montplaisir

Administrative Assistant

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown

Associate Broker

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Leaders in Our Community


Russell Hathcock

2018 NARPM Phoenix Metro
Past Chapter President


Russell Hathcock

2018 SEVRAR Property Management Committee


Russell Hathcock

2018 SEVRAR YPN “40 Under 40” Award Winner


Zen Rent 4 Noble Truths & 8-Fold Path

4 Noble Truths

1. Tenants need a place to live.
2. Landlords offer rental housing.
3. Being a landlord and managing rental property is complicated and hard.
4. Zen Rent PM alleviates suffering for both landlords & tenants by following the 8-fold path.

8-Fold Path

1. Right View:
Rental housing is a business venture that deals with the quiet enjoyment of one’s money and housing.
2. Right Intention:
The property must be maintained in the best condition possible while staying within budgets and reasonable expectations.
3. Right Speech:
Never argue or use harsh language and only speak truthfully regarding situations or circumstances.
4. Right Action:
Always do your best in all situations and circumstances and act faithfully to offer ease and comfort.
5. Right Livelihood:
Be confident in earning a respectable living without overworking oneself and respect all parties need to sustain themselves.
6. Right Effort:
A properly balanced schedule helps to avoid burn out and allows for adequate time and training to perform job functions correctly.
7. Right Concentration:
Staying focused on the tasks at hand without being distracted by dilemmas that are outside the scope and role of the management and lease agreement and following through to ensure peace of mind of all parties.
8. Right Mindfulness:
Being aware of all facets of a rental property, tenant and landlord needs, and vendor schedules and their means and abilities.

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